Light Gauge Steel Frames

The use of light gauge steel frames allows us to offer the significant advantages that this materials brings with it to our clients and also to the environment. Steel frames are versatile and allows clients to work in combination with the entire range of building materials available in the local and international market.

At Aus Build-Tech, we use the process of CNC roll forming in our manufacturing process of light gauge steel frames which enables a more efficient and rapid construction process overall. This entire way of construction is innovative and continually improving the way construction is done, and is highly advantageous for all parties involved.

Advantages of Using Steel:

Cost Effectiveness

The production of the steel frames is completely computer controlled and fully utilises the advantage of computer technology in today’s day and age in terms of making processes more efficient. Precious time is saved, and projects are more likely to be completed on budget.

Quick to build

The steel frames are produced by machinery that is extremely accurate and computer controlled. This means that the steel frames are easier to assemble and therefore speeds up construction time.

The strength factor

Steel has the highest strength–to–weight ratio, and so your building would be more resistant to forces of nature and provides a higher degree of safety from strong winds and fires.


With the use of steel frames, there is more room for creative ideas for the design of a building or home. ABT has helped clients construct their home made up of unique shapes that was not possible to be completed using other construction methods or with other materials such as with the use of wood. Also, buildings or homes requiring to be built on a larger span are made possible and much easier with the use of steel frames.

Durable and safe

Steel frames reduces the need for constant maintenance as it does well over time in terms of staying straight, not shrinking, twisting, warping or moving. Steel is immune to pests and therefore your building or home is going to be more sustainable in the long run since its main structure consists of this highly durable material.

When it comes to safety, steel frames are a smart option. The material is ideal in high risk fire zones as it is non-combustible and doesn't contribute to the spread of fire.

Environmentally friendly

There is less wastage produced when construction takes place with the use of steel, and when a building or home is demolished, the steel can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of it qualities. Steel is 100% recyclable! Now that's an advantage we all need to take a hold of today.

Energy efficient

Steel frame construction is usually significantly more energy efficient than other types of construction. The characteristics of steel framing means there are LESS studs in each wall which means there are FEWER thermal connection points where heat (energy) can be lost, and which means LESS money is lost from your wallet towards those energy bills.

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