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Who We Are

Aus Build-Tech Pty Ltd (ABT) was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.
Led by owner/Director Richard Furnell with his over 35 years of experience in the construction industry, this company was created to challenge the status quo and to harness innovative construction solutions to improve the way construction is done.

ABT’s core business is the manufacturing and assembly of light gauge steel frames for a wide range of industrial, residential and commercial construction projects, using the manufacturing process of CNC roll-forming.

The use of light gauge steel frames allows us to provide the numerous advantages that this material brings to our clients and also to the environment, and CNC roll forming enables a more
efficient and rapid construction process.

This entire way of construction is innovative and continually improving the way construction is done.

ABT has been proud pioneers in introducing this technology into countries where this way of construction has been unheard of. The end result has been a high success rate in terms of achieving budgets along with an extremely high level of productivity. 

In addition to Australia, ABT has completed projects and also provided consultations in all GCC countries, Central Africa, Afghanistan and the Indian sub-continent. 

WE ARE a company passionate about improving the way construction is done.

What We Aim For

​​From the materials used right to the entire construction process, ABT aims to improve the way construction is done.

The company’s main aim is to increase the value of each construction dollar by increasing productivity, and by utilising modern technology and innovative building methods.

As the use of light gauge steel frames with the process of CNC roll forming continually evolves, ABT aims to fully utilise the benefits that this technology brings with it and in turn offer these benefits to our clients.


Greenhouse by Joost Bakker, with light gauge steel frames supplied and assembled by Aus Build-Tech.

Scroll below to read about Joost's experience working with Aus Build-Tech.

I was introduced to Richard Furnell by my engineer Tim Gibney. Tim had engineered a proposal of a possible future housing model to be built at Federation Square during October 2008. The housing model is based on a house I built for my family in 2007. I wanted it to be 100% recyclable, termite resistant without the use of chemicals, well insulated with straw bales and have its own vegetable garden on the roof – so that the house could not only insulate its inhabitants from the extremes but also sustain them with their own food.

Tim was approached by Richard at around the same time to do some engineering work for him and Tim thought it appropriate to introduce us as our ideas were so similar with regard to housing. After our initial meeting, Richard offered to commit one of his roll forming machines and his time to this project. I am sure Richard had not expected to be tied up with my Greenhouse project for four weeks, but his dedication, effort and ideas have helped make the Greenhouse a truly amazing building.

His skills are remarkable and his experience invaluable. We managed to build, in effect, a large commercial building in 14 days in the middle of a major city square. We faced many issues, but were able to resolve them with Richard’s extensive knowledge and practical experience. We need to take notice of the likes of Richard Furnell. His ideas are simply brilliant and he can offer low cost solutions to current housing problems. Richard’s building system is easy to erect and easy to recycle. It’s already being used in many third world countries. Let us change the way we build and live in Australia!

Yours sincerely,
Joost Bakker